Let go of your earthly tether. Empty, and become wind.

It gave me a realization on how frail we humans can be, on how we expect so much from life, and how we hope to lead a happy and fulfilling one. Now, with so much expectations we are so bound to the illusion that life is all rainbows and butterflies, that we forget about the harsh realities on what can befall us on our journey in life. 

Life is full of suffering, Suffering is the result of attachment—- in this case, our attachment to our presumptions on life. Basically, we expect life to be something other than it is. We expect that we will always be fulfilled, and so we get angry and sad when we do not achieve it. We expect not to be poor, not to die, not to experience pain and loss—but we’re going to experience those things, and we further extend the difficulty by resisting it. By accepting the pain and not being attached to the imagined alternative version of life where that pain doesn’t exist, we can move through it.

I understood that I should stop being so mad at pain and loss. For it is a part of life. To stop making myself so miserable by wishing I could change things that I can’t change and beyond my control. I shall embrace life for what it is. ” well,it’s not like our hatred and judgement can change this aspect of life. One should just accept it and let yourself experience life as it is rather than life as you wish it would be.”

"Let go of what troubles you, and be free."